Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Processing more evidence, finding more answers. Idaho 2020 Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Report Now Available

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For Immediate Release: 01/20/21 2:55 P.M.
Please direct questions to the ISP Public Affairs Office

In 2020, despite ongoing public health challenges, Idaho continued to make progress processing and tracking sexual assault kits, often a key piece of evidence for investigators.

The 2020 report shows the number of sexual assault kits collected has remained fairly constant since 2017, however, the percentage of cases not investigated shows a notable decrease.

"The kit tracking system is designed to build trust with survivors and provide critical information to policy and lawmakers. ISP's role is to train and educate, process, and track these kits, which taken all together, means a more efficient and responsive criminal justice system," said Matthew Gamette, Director of ISP Forensic Services.

Since new legislation went into effect in 2016, the Idaho State Police Forensic Services has provided legislators with regular updates on this topic including a publically available annual report on Idaho's Sexual Assault Tracking Kit System (IKTS). The 2020 Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Report, along with reports issued since 2017, is now available on the Idaho State Police website