Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Authorities still seeking information on missing female

Idaho State Police Investigations Region Two, Lewiston

For Immediate Release 04/13/2011

For Information Contact Charlie Spencer, Detective Lieutenant 208-799-5020

Lavina Hietala still missing; Authorities seeking information
On April 7, 2011 Idaho State Police Detectives served a search warrant on the residence of Lavina Hietala in Kamiah, Idaho, seeking evidence concerning her disappearance from the residence on April 1, 2011. Detectives recovered numerous items which will be further analyzed to determine their relevance. Based on the evidence recovered it is unclear whether Lavina's disappearance is the result of foul play. So far Detectives have developed information that indicates Lavina Hietala probably ended up in the Clearwater River, however the details of that information will not be released at this time. Based on the evidence so far, no suspects have been identified in this investigation.

Officers from the Kamiah Marshal's Office, Lewis County Sheriff's Office, Clearwater County Sheriff's Office, and the Idaho County Sheriff's Office have been actively searching the area for Lavina. Due to the potential of her being in the Clearwater River, search efforts have been scaled down. Because of the low water temperature and high water flows it is unlikely Lavina could survive being in the river since April 1. All law enforcement agencies in the area have been advised of Lavina's disappearance.

Lavina Hietala's grandson, Justin Hietala, remains in custody at the Lewis County jail on burglary charges. Detectives contacted Justin who was unable to provide any information concerning Lavina's whereabouts. Because Justin shared the residence with Lavina, Detectives are seeking information concerning the activities of Justin Hietala during the week of March 28, 2011 to April 1, 2011.

Idaho State Police Detectives continue to follow up on various leads and continue to seek any information in this case. The Kamiah Marshals Office, Lewis County Sheriff's Office, Clearwater County Sheriff's Office, and the Idaho County Sheriff's Office continue to provide assistance in this investigation. The Idaho State Police has been in contact with Lavina Hietala's immediate family who has been very helpful and involved in this investigation.

Anyone who may have any information in this case is encouraged to contact ISP Lieutenant Charlie Spencer at (208) 799-5020, or by email at

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