Monday, July 26, 2010

Idaho State Police � Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks

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Commercial Vehicle Safety 700 S. Stratford, Meridian 83642
(208) 884-7220

For Immediate Release: 07/26/10 11:45 AM
For Information Contact: SERGEANT JIM EAVENSON of COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SAFETY at (208) 830-9703

Idaho State Police - Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks

From July 26, to July 31, 2010, the Idaho State Police will be targeting drivers that drive aggressively in and around commercial vehicles on highways in Northern Idaho. In an effort to increase public safety and reduce the number of deadly crashes, ISP and Coeur D Alene Police will be stopping drivers that speed, tailgate, and cut off other vehicles. This is part of a statewide campaign to save lives and help make all drivers aware of the dangers of aggressive driving.

Aggressive driving has become a significant factor in the number of and severity of crashes in Idaho. Last year, aggressive driving was a contributing factor in over 52% of all crashes that occurred. That was over 12,000 crashes.

The Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks Program (TACT), targets both commercial and non commercial vehicle drivers who drive aggressively or unsafely. It was developed in cooperation with other safety agencies and the trucking industry and has already reduced the number of commercial vehicle crashes in some areas by over 30%.

Sergeant Eavenson with the Idaho State Police Commercial Vehicle Safety Division says, "Our goal is to make the roads safer for everyone. Aggressive drivers, whether they are in a truck or a car, make the roads more dangerous for all of us. This program focuses on those drivers that are making bad decisions and creating an unsafe situation for everyone else. One fewer crash is one more person that arrived at their destination safely, and that's what this is all about."

For more information about the project, contact Idaho State Police Commercial Vehicle Safety at 208-884-7220 or go to the web address: