Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Idaho State Police news release: Scam on Sex Offender Registrants

Idaho State Police news release
For Immediate Release, Feb. 13, 2018
Contact: Tim Marsano, ISP Public Information Officer, 208.884.7122
News release: Scam on Sex Offender Registrants

The Idaho Central Sex Offender Registry, administered by the Idaho State Police, has been made aware of several attempted scams targeting registered sex offenders in at least one Idaho county and six Florida counties. One scam involves a caller posing as a law enforcement officer who tells the sex offender that they have missing or out-of-date registration information. The caller then threatens that, in order to avoid arrest for failure to register, the registrant must bring a gift/money card to a specified location (other than the registration office). The caller may provide a callback number with a voice mail message that sounds as if it belongs to the local law enforcement agency's registration office. In another report, the caller says they are with the sheriff's office and they have a warrant for being non-compliant. The scammer goes on to say that the only way to take care of it without being arrested is go to the store and get a money card and give them the card number over the phone.

Anyone receiving such a phone call should not follow the instruction and should immediately report it to the local sheriff's office.