Monday, October 28, 2019

Barricaded suspect in Valley County

Early this morning, officers from the Valley County Sheriff’s office responded to the Alpine Lodge to contact a male suspect at the motel believed to be a fugitive from Washington State. The suspect, Sean Duggan,  briefly opened the door and displayed a weapon. Concerned for the safety of people nearby, the sheriff’s deputies set up a perimeter and evacuated people near the motel. 

At approximately 1:10 am, the Valley County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Idaho State Police Swat Team for assistance with a barricaded subject at the Alpine Lodge in Cascade. 

When the ISP Swat Team arrived on the scene, the suspect was still inside the motel with a weapon and holding a female hostage.   The ISP Swat team negotiated with the suspect for several hours in an attempt to resolve the incident.  After several hours, the female was released. 

ISP continued negotiating with the suspect by phone.  ISP Swat Team members used a gas irritant in an attempt to get the suspect to leave the room.  When the suspect did not come out, ISP Swat Officers opened the door into the motel room to continue the negotiation process.  ISP Swat Officers heard several shots being fired by the subject.  No ISP Swat Officers returned fire at the subject.  After a period of time, the ISP Swat Team entered into the room and located Mr. Duggan who was deceased from self-inflicted injuries.  

The next of kin has been notified.  The investigation is ongoing.  We will release additional information if it becomes available.