Tuesday, July 2, 2019

2018 Crime in Idaho Publication

For Immediate Release, July 2, 2019
Contact: Tim Marsano, ISP PIO, 208.884.7122, tim.marsano@isp.idaho.gov

The Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification released their annual "Crime in Idaho" report for 2018. The report is a synopsis of statewide crime statistics gathered from law enforcement agencies across Idaho and includes such things as the Statewide Crime Profile, Crimes against Persons, Property, Society, the Arrest Profile, Hate Crime in Idaho, Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted, crimes categorized by jurisdiction and many other statistics.

The 2018 Crime in Idaho Report has been released on the interactive Crime Dashboard. You can find the dashboard at https://nibrs.isp.idaho.gov/CrimeInIdaho

It allows the public to look at the crime trends for a particular city, county or at the state level. Users will have the capability of running many canned reports and 'ad-hoc' queries of any data elements we collect on a single reported crime. It will allow the public, academia, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies timely report capabilities without having to submit a public records request. On this website the public can view the most current and archived "Crime in Idaho Publications."


While we can assist you in reviewing the information contained in the report, we are not able to provide causative interpretation as to why crime may be up or down in certain areas. We would suggest contacting local jurisdictions for possible crime trend analysis.