Friday, April 12, 2013

Officer on a Train in Southwestern Idaho Today

Officer on a Train and Operation Lifesaver Team Ready for Action Today
Today, the Idaho State Police, in cooperation with the Boise and Meridian Police Departments are conducting an “Officer on a Train” and “Adopt a Crossing” enforcement operation throughout western Idaho.

The purpose of this enforcement operation is to increase public awareness of the potential dangers that exist at highway railroad intersections and eliminate driver actions that can have tragic consequences, by focusing on the traffic laws that pertain to these intersections. 

During the “Officer on a Train” enforcement effort, one officer rides in the lead locomotive of a train as a spotter. This officer observes traffic approaching the highway rail intersections as the train proceeds down the tracks. Other officers pace the train or are parked at specified locations. When a motorist is observed violating the laws pertaining to approaching a rail intersection, the officer on the train radios the nearest officer in a patrol car, with the information. That officer will stop the motorist, explain the dangers and issue a citation, if warranted. 

Already in 2013, there have been 4 car/train collisions reported in Idaho, with 1 fatality. There have also been two incidents involving trespassing on railroad property or tracks which resulted in 1 fatality.

We hope to prevent any more deaths or injuries!