Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aggressive Driving Campaign

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For Immediate Release: 10-27-2010 3:45pm

Contact: Lt. Kevin Haight

ITD, ISP troopers partner to stop unbelted and aggressive drivers
October 29 - November 14

The Idaho Transportation Department is partnering with the Idaho State Police and other law enforcement agencies across Idaho to make highways safer by funding high visibility seat belt and aggressive driving patrols October 29 - November 14, 2010.

During this campaign, Region 4 Idaho State Police troopers will increase enforcement of speed limits and traffic laws & citing those drivers who are unbelted.

Aggressive Driving causes more crashes than any other driving behavior," according to Lt. Kevin Haight.

"Drivers must recognize what aggressive driving is, understand the risk, and know they will be ticketed if they choose to drive aggressively," Lt. Haight explained.

Those occupants wearing a seatbelt during a speed-related crash, increase their chance of survival greatly," says Lt. Haight.

Tailgating, changing lanes without warning, speeding, running red lights, following too closely, or failing to yield are all indicators that you are an aggressive driver, according to ITD's Office of Highway Operations and Safety.

"Aggressive driving is a serious problem in Idaho, causing more than half of all traffic fatalities," said Lt. Haight. Any one or combination of these behaviors can lead to serious injury or death.

In 2009, almost 60% of those killed in an aggressive driving crash were not wearing their seat belt.

The following data supports our cause:


*Aggressive Driving was a contributing factor in 52% of all crashes in 2009
*85 Idahoans killed in car crashes were unrestrained
*28% of those Idahoans who were seriously injured were unrestrained.
*78% of the fatal aggressive driving crashes occur in rural areas
*According to NHTSA, seat belts are 50% effective in preventing
fatalities/serious injuries.

Region 4:

*51% (1352 of the 2645) of the crashes in 2009 involved aggressive driving
*19 of the 31 (61%) passenger motor vehicle occupants killed in Region 4 in 2009
were unrestrained
*55 of the 162 (34%) passenger motor vehicle occupants injured in Region 4 in 2009
were unrestrained.