Monday, March 22, 2010

Region 2 Life saving award

Idaho State Police - Region Two, Lewiston
For Immediate Release - 03/22/2010
For information contact Detective Lt. Charlie Spencer
(208) 799-5020

ISP Detective Sergeant Westbrook set to receive the ISP Life Saving Award
On March 25th Idaho State Police Sergeant Ed Westbrook will be recognized and receive the ISP "Life Saving Award" for his efforts during a September 19, 2009, incident.

On September 19, 2009, while off duty preparing to hunt in the China Creek and Wapshilla Ridge area of Craig Mountain, Sgt. Ed Westbrook came across vehicle tracks that led him to believe a vehicle had possibly gone off the road. Upon further investigating the suspicious tracks, Sgt. Westbrook located crash debris down a steep embankment leading up to a crashed vehicle some 750 feet down. Risking his own safety, Sgt. Westbrook traversed down the steep embankment and found a deceased female and then determined there was another severely injured female further down the embankment. Sgt. Westbrook sent his wife to an area where emergency assistance could be summoned with a cell phone while he further attended to the scene. Sgt. Westbrook provided medical assistance including water to the injured female until EMS arrived. Sgt. Westbrook assisted with loading the injured female into a rescue basket and painstakingly carrying her up the embankment while being pulled from the top with rescue ropes. An injured male was also located several hundred yards below the crashed vehicle and Sgt. Westbrook assisted with rescuing the male as well. Risking his own safety, Sgt. Westbrook traversed long distances up and down the steep embankment multiple times to set in place the rescue.

During this incident Sgt. Westbrook exemplified a willingness to assist others with life saving measures at risk to his own safety. Sgt. Westbrook utilized the skills he has obtained over many years as a law enforcement officer to recognize a potential crash and then take the necessary measures to render aid. Sgt. Westbrook demonstrated cohesiveness and leadership during the rescue of the injured and the recovery of the deceased. It was determined the crash had occurred two days prior to Sgt. Westbrook locating the scene. Had it not been for Sgt. Westbrook's actions the injured male and female would have succumbed to their life threatening injuries. Sgt. Westbrook is not only a credit to the citizens of Idaho but also a credit to the Idaho State Police.

Please join us as we present Sgt. Westbrook with this award. The presentation will be made on Thursday, March 25, 2010, at 3:00 p.m., at the Idaho State Police office located at 2700 North South Highway, Lewiston, Idaho.