Monday, May 23, 2011


Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and the Idaho State Police wants to remind motorists to stay safe during their travels. Many local law enforcement agencies including ISP have partnered with the Idaho Transportation Department's Office of Highway Safety for the upcoming Seatbelt Mobilization Patrol. During these patrols, officers will have zero tolerance for non-seatbelt usage including passengers. Agencies will also be gearing up for extra D.U.I. patrols during the holiday weekend, so please don't drink and drive.

ISP reminds motorists to observe the "Move Over Law", which requires motorists to slow down and move over if possible when approaching a stationary Authorized Emergency Vehicle displaying flashing lights. Every year there are a number of police officers that are killed nationwide while parked on the side of the road during the course of their duties. The Move Over Law helps protect law enforcement officers and emergency service personnel who risk their lives protecting the public.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is partnering with Idaho STAR and the Idaho Highway Safety Coalition to promote Motorcycle Safety and encourages drivers to be extra alert and cautious. ITD says the top five contributing circumstances for motorcycle crashes are failure to yield, inattention, improper turn, following too closely and alcohol or drug impairment. The Seatbelt Mobilization, Move Over Law and Motorcycle Safety Awareness are all part of Idaho's "Toward Zero Deaths - Every Life Counts" campaign.

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