Sunday, August 29, 2010

September Seatbelt Campaign

During the month of September, the Idaho State Police will be stepping up their efforts to get the message out to drivers to buckle up. Troopers will be focusing their attention on seat belt violations as well as aggressive driving behaviors. If you are caught not wearing your seat belt, you will be cited.

Many drivers either don't realize or consider the fact that there are three collisions involved in a single crash. The first collision is the vehicle striking another object. The second collision involves the individuals hitting objects or other humans inside the vehicle and the third collision are the internal organs hitting other organs, bones or even the inside of the skull. The most dangerous part of a crash is not the initial collision but the human and internal collisions. Individuals are thrown around inside the vehicle hitting steering wheels, windshields, center consoles or they are ejected out of the vehicle striking outside objects or being crushed by their own vehicle.

Safety restraints, whether they are seat belts or child safety restraints, are designed to hold individuals inside the vehicle and in place so their injuries, if any, are minimized. In order to do this they must be worn properly across the hips and shoulders. If not worn properly, you are more likely to suffer serious injury or death.

"Click It, Don't Risk It!" is more than a slogan. It's a reminder that the seat belt law is strictly enforced in the state of Idaho.