Monday, May 17, 2010

Commercial Vehicle TACT



Lieutenant Bill Reese
Commercial Vehicle Safety
(208) 884-7220

Idaho State Police - Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT)

The Idaho State Police are cracking down on cars and trucks that drive aggressively on Idaho roadways. On May 19th and 20th, ISP will be working in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies and local trucking companies to stop and cite drivers that tailgate, speed, cut off other drivers, or make unsafe lane changes.

The TACT Project was developed to help reduce the number of people that are injured and killed each year on Idaho roadways in crashes involving commercial vehicles. Current Idaho crash data shows that in over 75% of the crashes involving commercial vehicles, the crash was caused due to the action of one or more of the involved drivers. ISP hopes that by educating drivers about how their actions can impact others will help reduce the number of crashes and improve the safety on Idaho roadways. Since ISP began using the TACT Project, crashes in the target areas have been reduced by as much as 60%. The effectiveness of the TACT program has gained support from both the trucking industry, as well as other safety agencies.

According to Lieutenant Reese, Deputy Commander of the Idaho State Police Commercial Vehicle Safety Section, "We will consider our program a success if what we do stops even just one crash from happening. Stopping even one crash means one less person that is injured or killed, and one less family that is affected. Our goal is to make the roadways safer for everyone."